Ofsted visits take place every four years and we are currently graded as a  "Good" School in all areas.

We know that these visits are a measure of a school at the time they are made. However, we take pride in our passion to always strive for excellence, our desire to always be current and forward-thinking, and our  aspiration to ensure that our children receive the very best education that we can provide..

Our Ofsted report highlighted many strengths of our school;

  • "The school is full of love and encouragement" with a strong community and a "family feel."
  • There is a strong, clear vision and values are well- embedded.
  • The quality of education demonstrates high expectations.
  • Our ambitious curriculum and the "rich experiences" that our curriculum provides.
  • Reading is a priority within the school and reading across the subjects supports learning well.
  • Our pupils are polite and respectful towards one another and "revel in taking on leadership roles"
  • There is good behaviour in lessons and around school. 
  • Our pupils felt that there was no bullying in the school and that everyone was treated fairly.
  • The excellent attention pupils receive to identify their needs. "Ambition for all".
  • Governance is very strong and governors hold a wide range of skills, holding leaders to account effectively.


Here is a link to our report on the Ofsted website:

Christ Church Primary School – Ofsted Report