At Christ Church we aim to provide a wide range of high quality sport and physical activities to engage all children. Physical education is an important factor in regards to children’s well-being, both mentally and physically.


We deliver high quality teaching and learning opportunities and develop our children's skills as well as encouraging fitness, good health and emotional well being.

We aim for all our children to have a keen interest in P.E and a willingness to participate in a variety of well planned activities. We provide them with many different opportunities to become physically confident.

It is our aim to inspire our pupils to be involved in healthy physical activities including competitive sport, non-competitive sport and other activities to help build character and embed our school values of respect, service, compassion, perseverance, wisdom and trust. Children will learn how to collaborate with one another and work effectively as part of a team, understanding fairness, rules and values.


Our curriculum is designed to ensure that every child can flourish. The children take part in a variety of activities including netball, cricket, tag-rugby, basketball, gymnastics, athletics, dance and swimming. We deliver this by teaching the National Curriculum objectives along with "Complete PE" which is used as a resource to support progression and development of skills. The children receive two PE lessons a week, one is delivered by a sports coach and the other by the class teacher. They produce varied and engaging lessons which allow children to become confident, resilient learners, work in a team, build effective physical skills and to have an awareness of a healthy lifestyle. The skill focus changes across the year groups to ensure progression.

In addition all classes participate in a daily 1 km run which has impacted positively on their stamina and ability to focus and concentrate in other lessons.

Children in Key Stage 2 have regular swimming sessions and receive four terms of lessons at a local pool.

We are a school within the Barnet Partnership of School Sports and actively engage in a variety of sporting tournaments, and leagues competing against other Barnet schools and taking part in festivals such as the Barnet Dance Festival. We ensure all our children have the opportunity to represent the school at these events during their time here. 

We promote the participation of extra-curricular activities, clubs and opportunities before and after school including an early morning sports club, tennis, football, and cricket.  


We ensure that all our children receive the essential skills and knowledge to live a happy and healthy lifestyle and make good and wise choices. All our children leave us able to swim at least 25m and we use the Sports Grant effectively to ensure our children are well equipped, having developed a positive attitude to exercise and keeping fit and well.