During the school OFSTED inspection in 2022, the inspectors spent time in the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) classes and fed back comments following their inspection. They found that:

  • The setting is " very strong".
  • Curriculum and care practices are well embedded and child centred.
  • There is a constructive curriculum design which gives the children social and knowledge skills needed for life.
  • There is effective management of child-led play so that children can develop and flourish. Opportunities for learning are well planned and implemented.
  • A comprehensive cycle of assessment enables staff to understand individual needs.
  • Children with SEND are fully integrated and happy.
  • There are regular reinforcement of rules with firm and gentle behaviour management.
  • Zones of Regulation that run through the school start here and children are encouraged to use them, which is excellent for such a young age.

The inspectors said that there was no doubt that the children are very well-prepared for their next stage of learning.