The Governors of Christ Church School aim to admit the maximum of 30 children to the Reception class each year.

The school was originally established (in 1845) to serve the children of the parish, in a time when nearly all schools were founded by their local churches. With the advent of community schools, our role has changed. We wish to serve those families who live near the school, as well as those who desire a Christian education for their children.

Our admission criteria consists of both Foundation places, for children of families who attend Christian (Trinitarian) churches, and Community places, for children of families who live in our local area.  These places are allocated equally, please see our Admissions Arrangements for full details.

Admissions to our Nursery class follows the same criteria. We have places for up to 52 children, and some provision for extending their hours beyond the statutory free entitlement (15 hours a week). We can also offer 30 hours free provision for families with this entitlement.

If you are considering our school for your child, we would like to invite you to visit us, please contact the school to arrange a convenient time.

Application Forms and Process

All applications for Nursery places are handled by the school. Please contact the School Office for forms, and to enquire about availability of places.

Applications for Reception and higher classes are coordinated by the Local Authority, and parents should apply online through the Barnet Admissions Procedure.

Parents wishing to apply for a Foundation (church-based) place must also complete our Supplementary Information Form – please contact the School Office for information.

Admission Policies

The governors typically have three policies current at any one time. We review the policy each year, about twenty months in advance, and submit it to the Diocese of London and to the Local Authority for approval. It is then open for public consultation, before being formally published.

Please click on the links below to view our admission documents:

To contribute to the consultation on our policy, please email the chair of governors.

Waiting Lists for other years

The Local Authority holds waiting lists for all classes, and details of how these lists are prioritised are given in the Admissions policies. Please note that waiting lists can be very fluid, and new applicants applying to the school are placed on the waiting list in criteria order, and as such can be placed above existing applicants. Also, existing applicants can move within the lists, if their circumstances change (for example, they move house, attend church regularly, or a sibling gets a place at the school). If a vacancy occurs, the school will  ensure that the waiting list is correctly ranked, and any new applicants have been included, before offering the place. The governors will not  meet to re-rank waiting lists unless there are a large number of new applicants who need to be ranked. The School Office will rank and oversee the waiting list.