Our attendance Target is 97%.

Penalty Notices for School Attendance Issues

Why are good attendance and punctuality important?

The school recognises that parents have a vital role to play in supporting and encouraging good attendance and punctuality. By accepting responsibility in partnership with the school, we can work together to ensure your child’s right to a full education, as well as enabling parents to fulfil their legal responsibility.

It is very important for all children to attend school every day and to arrive on time. School starts promptly at 8.55 am. Children can go into their classrooms from 8.45 am, which allows them the opportunity to greet their friends, and organise themselves ready for registration . When a child arrives after 9 am. the parent/carer is required to sign in the late book. If this is a regular occurrence we will arrange a consultation with parents to discuss the difficulties and make arrangements to ensure the child is in school on time. All lateness/attendance is recorded and monitored by the school and the Education Welfare Officer.

Usually, the only acceptable reason for a pupil to miss a day of school is if they are too ill to attend. If this is the case, you should ring the school office by 8.45am. We operate a First Response Policy so if we do not hear from you, the office will phone to ensure that your child is safe. If you are not sure in the morning whether your child is well enough for school, we suggest you send them in. We can always call you if they become too ill to get through the day.

Authorisation for absence will not be given for outings, shopping trips or family visits. Holidays should be taken during the school breaks and not during term time. In exceptional circumstances permission may be sought from the headteacher and every case will be treated individually.

Medical appointments should be made out of school hours if at all possible. If your child has to see a doctor or dentist in school time they should attend school for as much of the day as possible. It is not permitted to take a whole day off school for a medical appointment, unless the appointment lasts all day.