School Lunches

The Children and Families Act 2014 places a legal duty on all state-funded schools in England to offer a free school lunch to all pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Children in Years 3-6 have the option of a school lunch, paid for by parents, or they can bring in a packed lunch.

School Lunches

Our school lunches are cooked on site by our School Cook, Edita Tuna. There is a four weekly menu cycle providing a nutritious and balanced lunch which meets the food and nutrient based standards for Primary School Meals.

We are committed to providing healthy, high-quality meals which are nutritious and tasty. Children need a balanced meal with a good variety of foods to ensure their requirements for growth and development are met and they flourish.

The school lunches include a raw vegetable snack bar, which children access freely while waiting in queue to choose their meal, the option of a meat or vegetarian main course with vegetables, a choice of desserts, including fruit, and a salad bar and bread. The children have filtered water to drink.

Packed Lunches

It is important that the packed lunches provided by home are equally nutritious and meet the same criteria as our school lunch. We are a Healthy School and therefore we ask that no chocolate, crisps or soft drinks are included..  We are a NUT-FREE SCHOOL and all  items must be free of nuts.

Click the link below for some great tips on making tasty and healthy children’s packed lunch boxes:

Special Diet Protocol

Our school meals cater for pupils with special dietary requirements. If your child has a medical condition or an allergy please ensure that you read the Special Diet Protocol information and complete the referral form below. Thank you.

NHS Choices – School Packed Lunches